Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Winding Down

It almost feels right that I've been slowing down on posting on this blog.  My time with Maggie is drawing to a close and I've learned so much about not only what I'm putting in my body, but what I'm putting in my brain as well.  It seems right that as these things become routine in my life, (buying organic from the co-op and cooking new and healthy foods) I am posting about them less.  It's not such a big deal that I made a new whole grain recipe or am having delicious turkey patties for breakfast.  That's everyday for me now. 

I'm in a MUCH better place right now than I was when I started seeing Maggie 4 months ago.  And I know the change is partly in due to better food choices, more exercise and positive self talk, but also, partly in due to this wretched, horrid, nasty, HATEFUL winter and spring finally coming to a close. 

My awesome coping mechanism is that I never realize how miserable I am until the misery has passed and I look back on a time in my life.  Wow, I was REALLY miserable there for a while, huh. This week I have learned that I REALLY need to be more pro-active.  I was truly depressed this winter and I didn't even really recognize it.  NO MORE!!!  Next winter I MUST use my SAD light, get to the tanning beds here and there, KEEP WORKING OUT, take my vitamins and take more frequent getaways to sunny locals.

As I wrap up here and prepare to move back to my Petite Flower blog, enjoy these 2 photos Miss Maggie.  Turbo Lucas is BACK baby!!!
First Open Water Swim Training at Lake Nokomis.  1200 meters!
My membership card for USA Triathlon.  

P.S.  I registered for a Duathlon in September.  Hee hee.  And I WILL do an Olympic Length Tri next year.  You watch me. 

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  1. Awesome! I don't do duathlons or tris, but I did start doing some obstacle 5Ks this past summer. Very empowering!