Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Soooooooooooooo, things have relaxed a bit for me.  This weekend I indulged in the following:  sugar, caffeine, gluten, animal proteins and dairy.  IT WAS GLORIOUS!  :)  And it was (mostly) done in moderation and I am still ALCOHOL free which is really the big deal for me.  I'm back to mostly veggies, some fruits and have added some healthy grains.  I'm mostly happy if I'm not eating cheeseburgers and cupcakes.  The goals are gradual, week one, no booze, weeks two, three and four, food cleanse and back to healthy eating, weeks five and onward, a return to regular/consistent exercise.  I am hoping to get back to yoga, maybe add a spin class once a week and continue to enjoy the outdoors for as long as possible.  And that's where I'm at on this Tuesday, election day.  And you?

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