Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The trip to the co-op could have gone horribly wrong.  He didn't really want to be there, I was a little bit crabby.  I was trying to calmly make my point, to explain why I was asking to spend more money on groceries we could get cheaper somewhere else.  He was in turn trying to make his point and we were both trying not to be assholes to each other, especially in public.  In the end, we compromised.  The meatloaf was made of organic chicken and turkey.  He added both fresh organic vegetables and frozen organic vegetables instead of the can of veg-all he initially proposed.  Because of all his efforts, I agreed that he could wrap the meatloaf in bacon for the grilling/smoking process.  Not only that, but he used brown rice pasta in the macaroni and cheese.  It might not have been pretty getting there, but in the end, it was success.  And I was really, really happy!!!!  And that was yesterday.

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