Monday, June 24, 2013

I can't believe an entire week has passed since I posted. Where does the time go?  Training is going really well, I'm consistently getting in 6 days a week of exercise, usually with my girl Megan.  Food choices are 90% there on the weekdays, less so on the weekends,but overall   I'm pleased. Lost $16 worth of freshly cooked organic chicken breasts in addition to some others stuff due to the power outage. Still working on letting that one go, we are really lucky in so many ways but having just gone to the coop and filled my fridge, I was a little crabby about it.  But nothing can overshadow the PHENOMENALLY DIRTY time I had at Lozilu with my GO Girls!!  A 5K run with 15 muddy obstacles, what a blast!!  What wonderful woman, what a lucky girl I am.  Feeling healthy, strong and a little less lost these days. 

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  1. Oh that's awesome. I'm blogreading right now, looking for my own direction. Feeling puffy and empty and drifting right now. This time a year is always hard for me.