Saturday, April 20, 2013


What IS it with all the horror going on in the world right now?  What a horrible week this has been.  A bombing in Boston resulting in the entire city on lockdown as a massive manhunt is underway, an explosion in Texas that took out half a town, not to mention the loss of a family member (my sweet Uncle Jim Bob passed after a long battle with Parkinsons) a huge dumping of late April snow and a headache that has been residing in my skull for 17 days. Let's not even mention the horrors of the past 12 months, theater shootings, devastating storms, school shootings, threats from foreign countries, fighting over who can and can't get married.  It's enough to make me swear like a motherfucker, which I have been doing freely all week.  It also has me generously dolling out the wine and cookies in an attempt to soothe my battered self.  You want a glass?  I'll pour you one.  You need a hug?  I have one of those for you of those big bear hugs that lasts and lasts. It's a time for circling the wagons, huddling together, holding your loved ones close, counting your blessings and wondering when, oh when all this madness will end?  

And despite all the madness...the wine and cookies,  I am still on this journey to better health.  Even when I'm getting the crap kicked out of me by the winter that wouldn't die.

I've been doing great with cooking, trying new recipes and eating healthy meals.  And, after scorching my first attempt so bad that we actually had to burn scented candles and then leave the house (not to mention the soaking, scrubbing and elbow grease it took to restore the pan to its original condition), I was able to successfully cook brown rice on my second try.  Oh sure, it may not seem like much to you, but I was really proud of myself when I took off that lid to find this fluffy goodness inside.
I did it!
I've also been going into stores I didn't really frequent before, Whole Foods and Mississippi Market and REALLY looking around, spending time wandering the aisles without agenda, just checking out the merch.  I have found myself MUCH more at home at Mississippi Market than Whole Foods.  Whole Foods is a zoo, overwhelming, cramped and crowded.  Mississippi Market is the complete opposite and, as it's close to my work, I think I have found my new market.  I love the energy and the people in there.  I have stopped in there for lunch on previous occasions and always found it to feel really happy and light. 

However I keep hearing things about The Wedge in Minneapolis and so I've decided to take a field trip across the river (inhale! gasp!).  I'll be back with photos and stories.  Wish me luck. 

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