Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ups: Mon, Tues, Wed: workout, workout, workout. Hooray! Damn it feels good to be moving again. It feels good to be headache free again! And I'm sleeping great. Food is where it needs to be at this stage in the game.

Downs: I miss my coffee, not the caffeine, but the creamy, smooth ahhhhhhh I got after a sip. It was comforting and filling in a way that tea isn't. Not sure there is any healthy alternative to that horrible, chemical filled creamer that I enjoyed so much. Also, my cholesterol is high which only inspires my inner hater. "Of course it's high fatty. What do you expect when you allow yourself to gain 30 pounds? You've earned this. Way to go." While I can change what I put in my body, and I can become more active and I can be mindful of my awareness and breathing at mealtimes, my inner hater is still there, more vocal than ever. I wish that stupid bitch would just shut up.

So that's today.

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