Saturday, April 13, 2013

Meeting Maggie

Beginning a new adventure is always exciting and this one has the potential to change my health and the way I approach eating.  Choosing the right recipes to make, the right ingredients to include, the right nutrients to sustain me, all while focusing on being more aware of how I'm feeling inside as I approach all this ticks off a lot of boxes for me.  There's organization, information and a foundation to stand on.  There's communication, support and encouragement.  And there's also emotion, introspection and a constant desire to improve.  Feels a bit like a big ball of love to me and I'm so glad to have found Maggie.

Speaking of, meet Maggie: 
 Maggie Christopher

I found her on the magical interwebs from which all good things come.  First thing I liked about her was her location, SO CLOSE to my work!!  I do like my tiny little world here in Saint Paul.  Second thing I liked was just the look of her.  I get feelings about people instantly....INSTANTLY...and I liked her straight away so I set up a meeting.  Our free consultation went really well and I was in.  I took a breath and plunged right in, as I often do.  Jump first, ask questions later, that's me.  Nice to meet you.

People, it's not cheap.  I've thrown my money at a lot of different things over the years, many of them geared towards losing weight, but this didn't feel like an investment in a new program, a new gym, a new diet.  It felt like an investment in myself.  Maggie felt not only like a dietician who could help lead me through the food maze, but she also felt like a counselor who could lead me through my occasional head maze as well and I had a feeling we were going to make some really great changes together.  

And so begins my journey.  Four months to start, with additional support as needed.  And away we go.

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